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Syfr is a company dedicated to initiating and nourishing a culture of change in American education that embraces innovation and creativity while expecting all students to excel, independent of their demographics.

Syfr’s work is to motivate all those involved in the lives of students to build shared aspirations that result in constructing an enduring change that meets real needs for education in the twenty-first century.

Syfr believes that our performance should be measured using the metric of your choice. The Company’s Principals are Christine Drew and Richard Erdmann. Christine and Richard have been passionate supporters of American public schools and have embraced technology to enable learning for over thirty years.

Syfr was founded in 1999 to create conversations among educators about how education should respond to the pressures of the twenty-first century. For ten years, Syfr provided conferences for district leaders. Responding to the budget crisis, Syfr has taken our work to the districts and created a digital model to reduce budget costs while providing affordable professional development solutions.

Selecting Syfr (sifr is the Arabic word for zero) as a name, focuses our attention on crafting change. The use of zero revolutionized mathematics, but it took approximately 400 years for the Arabic numbering system to travel from Bagdad to Rome and to replace Roman numerals! The story reminds us that change is difficult, but its pursuit worthwhile.

The process we use in our work is best described in our book, The Art of Learning, and we provide a series of Professional Development Institutes, webinars, consulting and discussions around this work. We also do a limited number of speaking engagements throughout the year.